Friday, November 16, 2012

Spiked Apple Cider

Day 275

Spiked Apple Cider
4 shots out of 5

It's raining again.  The girls are finally napping and it's so cold, I'm glad I have tonight's cocktail. A while ago, Marie (Thank You Marie!!) sent me the recipe for tonight's cocktail.  I figured this would be the time of the year to make it, since it has apple cider as the main ingredient.  Boy was I right!

I gave tonight's cocktail 4 shots out of 5.  This spiked apple cider is a perfect warm cocktail to have on a cold day or night.  The vanilla vodka and butterscotch schnapps mixed in give this cocktail a nice warm bite.  I am enjoying this cocktail very much right now as it's warming my insides and it's making me get "a little bit" more excited about the upcoming holidays.  If you are looking for a warm cocktail that is not another coffee cocktail, this just may be the one for you!

Here is the recipe for a Spiked Apple Cider:

  • 6 oz apple cider (warmed)
  • 1 oz vanilla vodka
  • 1 oz butterscotch schnapps
In a coffee cup, pour in your apple cider.  If your cider is cold (out of the fridge) like mine, stick it in the microwave to warm it up (mine took 45 seconds).  If your cider is already hot/warm you're a step ahead of the game.  Next pour in your vanilla vodka and butterscotch schnapps and give it a good stir.

Here is a photo of the end result:

Here is a photo of the ingredients:

Here's to a deliciously warm cocktail to warm up your insides on a cold day like today!


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